Countdown for Europe

What is it about?

It is about a EU-Election-Countdown and a European visions tree: “What kind of Europe am I wishing for?”. Starting two weeks before the election we want to create awareness towards the EU-Election in cities, schools, universities and so on. Furthermore we want to inform about possibilities and responsibilities of  the EU towards human rights.


The EU-Elections  are very important for creating a human rights friendly EU-Parliament. That´s why we need to create awareness and urge people to vote for human rights. Like for other actions, the countdown should be done all over Europe and reach as many people as possible to make a real impact.


The countdown will be done through 14 different posters, one for every day. On it there will be facts, questions and (sayings/slogans/quotes) to get passers-by thinking. Right next to it a tree (a real one, a built one, a painted one…) ready laid out with pieces of paper and string. On the papers people can write their thoughts and ideas about the question: “ What kind of Europe am I wishing for?” and fix them to the tree.

What materials do you need?

  • Countdown posters you can request from us to send to you.
  • A tree, here you can get creative. Find a tree in your city/university/high school and decorate it, paint one or even build one yourself.

→ if you cant find a suitable tree and the effort of creating one is too time intensive/too much effort you can invent other means of communication, like placing a box to put the papers in, so that you can post them on your social media later ­čśë

  • Thick yellow paper to write the answers/associations on.
  • Some kind of strings or duct tape to fix the papers on the tree.
  • Information material about the EU and human rights for a (stand/booth).

What else is important for planning and execution? 

  • If you use a tree ask for permission to use it.
  • Tell your Amnesty regional office.
  • See if you have to get permissions from local authorities.

For questions, comments and ideas you can reach us via:

2. April 2019