Europe at Lunch

What is it about?

You invite people to a big banquet, if possible at a public place, to eat together. Bring some food and passers-by might join. You share, eat and conversations start. Additionally there will be Information about the EU, Human Rights and why the upcoming elections are so important. The goal is to inform different kinds of people in a relaxed setting.

What do you need?

  • A table and chairs to setup at a public place where a lot of people come by, like a market place, a sight, a university-campus or in a park.
  • Food: Amnesty cannot cover the costs, but you can ask people to bring their own food, bring something to share and prepare something in your group.
  • Plates and cutlery: Try not to use plastic or single use dishes.
  • Information material: There will be material concerning the EU and Human Rights. Creative gimmicks like stickers and beermats are also planned (contact us to order them!). You can advertise other actions you are planning.
  • The organisers should be discernible, for example through an Amnesty-shirt    or keychains. This is Important that people know who to ask questions.

What is important for planning and execution?

  • Please speak to your local authorities to register the event (if necessary)
  • Advertisement: Try to break out of your bubble. Advertise at hostels, schools etc.
  • Work together with others: Organize the banquet with other groups or invite them, the more the merrier. Ask refugee organisations, cultural clubs or more to join you in planning or just to come.
  • Divide and assign the tasks: When you want to have a good time it´s important that the tasks still get done, so make sure everybody knows what he or she is doing: Who welcomes people? Who shares information material? Who starts talking about the EU with people? Does someone do a short speech/presentation? Who takes photos?
  • Take pictures of your banquet and post them with the following hashtag:…
  • Please also send it to the EAYA-Channels. We will post them on our social media channels then.

For questions, comments and ideas you can reach us via:

2. April 2019